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Dumbledore Beard & Moustache Colour 60

Dumbledore Beard & Moustache Colour 60

Dumbledore Beard & Moustache Colour 60

Price: 64.95

Ref: 4900

Beard and Moustache Information

Dumbledore Beard and Moustache
Beard Length is 17 Inches / 43cm
Theatrical Synthetic Facial Hair.

* Dumbledore Theatrical Beard and Moustache combination.
* Genuine Theatrical Grade Synthetic Hair ( NOT Plastic ).
* Each strand of hair is hand tied on to fine Swiss Lace.
* The beard is indistinguishable from a real beard when worn.

Dumbledore from Harry Potter Beard and Moustache. This Wizard beard and moustache is hand made using theatrical grade synthetic facial hair developed specifically for long beards and moustaches. When fitted correctly the Dumbledore beard and moustache is very realistic.

Developed for professional theatrical use, our Dumbledore beard and moustache sets are also ideal for Halloween and fancy dress parties.

Dependent upon the size of your face, you may need to trim your beard and moustache, so hold it in place to measure and then trim with sharp scissors if you need to.

How to Apply Your Beard & Moustache

Use a sponge to dab Spirit Gum to your upper lip and round the beard area ( this will depend on the style you are fitting ), allow the spirit gum to dry until it becomes tacky to the touch and then apply the moustache and beard, and gently pat it with your fingers. Try not to move, talk or laugh for about one minute.

You need to be sure that your moustache and beard will stay in place until you decide to remove it, so choose this Theatrical Grade Moustache for Complete Confidence throughout your performance. For Professional actors and serious amateur dramatics enthusiasts. Remains in place during any performance under the heat of the lights and remains comfortable for hours because of its lace backing.

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